Adopt a a Goal of Screening


  • Problem: "Food Insecurity"
  • Is Food Insecurity an important issue in my practice?
  • How do I find out?
  • If it is, can I do something about it?
  • Solution: Implement office process


  • Fairfax County has 180,000 students
  • 28% are on "Free and Reduced Cost" lunch program in school
  • 28,000 student are Food Insecure
  • If it is, can I do something about it?
  • What happens to these childrens' nutrition when school is out in Summer (July and August)?

Why Clinicians?

Pediatricians and other clinicians have the potential to play a critical role in protecting children from food insecurity as they:

  • See children and families year-round, including in the summer when they may not have access to school based food programs
  • Have long-term relationships with patients
  • Act as a "medical home" for coordinating information and services
  • Very significant Influence in family health matters