Develop a Relation with Local Food Resources

Develop a relationship with a local food bank or food pantry, now known as a "FOOD PHARMACY!!"

The goal of “food pharmacy” is to give away food, free, to all in need!

The food pantry network is well-established throughout the United States. Both public and private resources exist throughout the country. The food banks received large amounts of food and funds from febrile state and local government agencies. Through the generous contributions of systems religious organizations in the food industry Vess quantities of food or warehouse and distributed free to families in need.

Very often those in need are unaware or do not avail themselves of the free food.

  • Call a local food bank Director
  • Expression her interest in becoming a direct referral source the a prescription (the prescription will introduce your patient as well as provided had a source if you so desire)
  • Learning the rules of the food bank
  • Consider a meeting to discuss how your process can work with the food back

Based on our experience a call and/or a meeting with the director of a local food pantry is all that is necessary. Their goal is to feed the food insecure and thus will welcome a new source of referrals.