Develop Office Process


  • Identify an office "Champion"
  • Develop an office committee
  • Develop an office process
  • Screening process/tools
  • Solution Information
  • Documentation
  • Coding
  • Reimbursement

How We Did it (Rx for Food Committee)

  • A committee of clinicians, dieticians and community resources was established
  • Burke Pediatrics Office Staff "buy in" or commitment
  • Volunteers in each dept/ office function
  • Barrier Analysis
  • Office Promotion (none!): Discrete

Identify Office Barriers

Food insecurity is often not addressed for many reasons:

  • Not aware of the problem
  • Not sure what to do about it
  • Time constraints during visits
  • Lack of funding/concerns about cost
  • Fear of making patients uncomfortable by asking them about food insecurity
  • Unaware of existing resources or unsure of how to work with them

External Barriers

  • Schools are unable to release their data of who is on free and reduced meal programs
  • Lack of transportation to the food source
  • Concern about insurance reimbursement for screening
  • People may be embarrassed to ask for help or unaware of what resources exist

Office Flow Diagram

Below is the workflow we at Burke Pediatrics have developed.